Welcome Dealers and Artists!
Here you will find information about AniBlaze’s Dealers Room and Artists Alley!

AniBlaze 2017 – March 3rd – 5th 2017
AniBlaze 2017’s Artist Alley and Dealers Room works on a first come first serve basis, after previous Vendors are given a chance to return. We do not implement a judging system.
Selling unauthorized products(Products you are not legally allowed to sell), bootleg works, or if an artist, passing others work off as your own will result in immediate removal from our Dealers Room and Artists Alley, and you will not be allowed back to any future events. Artists that have more than 50% fanart are not allowed. Selling more than 50% fanart may result in rejection from future events.

AniBlaze 2017’s Dealers Room are open each day of the convention as follows:
Friday: 1PM – 8PM (Setup and load in starts at 12PM)
Saturday: 10AM – 7PM (Setup begins at 9:30AM)
Sunday: 10AM – 5PM (Setup begins at 9:30AM)

*Costs and Badges
Artists Alley Tables will cost 75 Dollars and include 1 table and 2 badges
If Artists Alley is full, or the artist would prefer, Artists may also purchase booths in our Dealers Room.
Artists Alley is for handcrafted works only, such as art, plushies, beads, etc. If you are selling commercial products such as DVDs or licensed t-shirts, even if they are sold with handmade works, they must be in the Dealers Room.
Dealers Booths will cost 200 Dollars and include a Table, a 10 x 10 space, and up to 4 badges. The Dealers Room is a separate room, but will be on the main hallway, and clearly signed.

*Local Laws & Taxes
You are responsible for obtaining all local documents, your business license, and paying all applicable taxes. AniBlaze is not responsible for this, so please make sure you have everything in order.

If accepted you will be notified by our staff at the email provided on the form. You will have 1 week to submit payment. If no payment is made, your spot may not be guaranteed, as we will continue processing applications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the information on the Contact Page.

-Once you have read this page, you may continue on to the application:
2017 Artists Alley: CLICK HERE!
2017 Dealers Room: CLICK HERE!

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